Golf In Vegas — You Bet You Could Watch History And Help Kids

Tiger Woods’ tee shot was awful. He cursed loudly as the ball flew. Then, he threw his club. It was 1997. Woods, 21, was regarded as a very well-behaved man. His image changed, but for years fans in the Akron, Ohio, gallery had a “believe it or not” story to tell. They still have an “up close and personal” story. You [...]

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La Quinta Arts Festival – The Best In The United States

“We’re No. 1!!” You hear this chant repeatedly when a sports team wins a big game. There probably weren’t any “We’re No. 1” chants in La Quinta, Calif., when the La Quinta Arts Foundation’s arts festival was ranked No. 1. Artists don't do that. However, the festival’s organizers might be more justified in bragging and sticking their index [...]

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You Might See A Future Ronda Rousey At San Diego MMA Event

Angel “Superman” Ramirez. Elijah “The Throwin’ Samoan” Harris. Jeremy “Bear” Redfern. Dennis “Fatality” Fisher. Spike “The Alpha Ginger” Carlyle. You might not have heard of any of the above names, but they were all billed as part of the Epic Fighting 31 event on June 24 in San Diego. They’re all amateur Mixed Martial Arts [...]

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Venice, Calif. Hosts Festival On The “Coolest Block In America”

Would you like to find out what the “Coolest Block in America” is like? Abbot Kinney Boulevard in the Venice neighborhood of Los Angeles is the USA’s coolest block according to GQ magazine, which is based in New York City. On an ordinary day, the street named after a late 1800s/early 1900s developer who built [...]

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Guest list management

Import feature for guest list There is a feature in Purplepass where you can upload mass quantities of guest information to your guest list via a CSV file. The spreadsheet template for this is located under “Guest List” in the main menu. This makes it easy to upload a finalized spreadsheet guest list before your event [...]

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Kiosk mode for scanners and iPad terminals

Updates to wireless scanners and POS systems to operate as continuous scanning Kiosk mode This feature keeps the scanner on continuously so that guests can easily scan in their ticket to be admitted without anyone having to press a button on the scanner. Having the scanner on continuously helps long lines move more smoothly and [...]

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Advanced ticket widgets and customization options

Calendar Widget In the Ticket Widgets section of Purplepass (Tools > Ticket Widgets), you can choose to generate a widget for a full monthly calendar of your events. There are a variety of customization options, including size, color theme, tracking ID, starting month and whether to include partner or hidden events. The calendar is great [...]

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Purplepass is the Cheese to This Event’s Macaroni – Purplepass Ticketing Announces New Partnership with the San Diego Mac N’ Cheese Fest

The organizers of the San Diego Mac N’ Cheese Festival, in support of the World Wide Network of Learning, have partnered with Purplepass Ticketing to manage and expand ticket sales for the festival. The fall festival will take place in San Diego, CA on October 15, 2016. The San Diego Mac N’ Cheese Fest brings together [...]

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Macaroni And Cheese Festival Helps High School Students Plan Their Future Careers

Lobster mac 'n' cheese, prosciutto mac 'n' cheese, bacon mac 'n' cheese, vegetable mac 'n' cheese, mac ‘n’ cheese with beer, and mac ‘n’ cheese with summer squash are all dishes that have helped high school students plan their futures. The above sentence sounds absurd, but it’s true thanks to James Hayes of Carlsbad, Calif.-based World Wide [...]

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