New ticket stock colors (2011)

We sat down with our production team a while back to discuss the idea of additional ticket stock colors. Today we are happy to announce that you now have three different colors to choose from. Of course we have our standard gray ticket stock which we have been offering since the start, but now we [...]

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Purplepass 2.0 Released (2011)

If you haven't already checked it out, please visit! In our effort to continually push the envelope of what your ticketing provider should offer, we have been working overtime the past several months to bring you several major improvements. The first one we would like to show you is the most obvious of these updates: [...]

2017-08-03T00:25:12+00:00 August 30th, 2011|Categories: Others, Updates & Announcements|

RSVP & Free events

If you didn't already know, even if you are doing a free event or just collecting RSVPs, you will still be able to take advantage of the majority of the great tools and features Purplepass has to offer. In addition to the obvious, here are some things you may not have realized you could take [...]

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Wireless scanner updates (2010)

We are very excited to announced that a new version of the Purplepass wireless scanner software has been released. With this new update comes several improvements over the previous version most of you are already familiar with. We have taken all of your feedback and been hard at work to bring you the following updates: [...]

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