New third-Party payout options

DIRECT THIRD-PARTY PAYOUT OPTIONS We recently added a great new feature that allows you to easily set where the payment for a particular event should go to. For example, let’s say you are renting out your venue to an outside promoter. You want to have full control over the event so you post it through [...]

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Promoter direct sales

Promoter direct sales At one time or another, you have likely seen the alert saying you cannot purchase tickets as a promoter. We have had countless requests to remove this restriction. Well now not only can you buy tickets through your promoter account, we have taken that one step further. As a promoter, you can [...]

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Coupon code updates

Coupon code updates  There is nothing new about creating coupon codes. For many of you, coupon codes are a normal part of your day to day life as an event organizer. However, some recent updates we have released have made that task just a bit easier for you. In addition to all of the current [...]

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Assigned seating suite of features released

  If you have not already noticed, assigned seating has come to Purplepass. You now have the power to create graphically-driven seating maps that are interactive, easy to use, and look great! Without overwhelming you with the details, there isn't much you cannot do. From colored coded multi-tiered pricing to photo previews from each seat, [...]

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Group & package tickets

Group & package tickets We have recently released some great new features that allow you to create special ticket types for groups and packages. Now you can easily create package tickets such as weekend passes where the guest will receive separate tickets for each day of the event. Other examples this new group/package feature can [...]

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Smartphone & Tablet apps (2013)

Smartphone & Tablet Apps You can now turn your iPhone or Android into a complete box office powerhouse - Scan & validate print-at-home tickets, check in will call, search orders, and view real-time admission stats. These apps will also trigger the advanced social media features such as automatically checking your patrons in at your event [...]

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New Facebook integration (2013)

Advanced Facebook Features We are very excited to announce yet another set of fantastic features that will help you become an even better event organizer. You can now request or even require your guests to "Like" you on Facebook before they can purchase tickets. You can also give them the option to share with their [...]

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Support for PayPal added (2013)

PayPal Integration We are pleased to announce that you can now use PayPal to accept payments from customers. By using your own PayPal account, you can get paid as tickets are sold rather than waiting until after your event. The way it works is simple - When it comes time to pay for the tickets, [...]

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Purplepass goes cloud-based (2011)

We know you are asking yourself what the heck clouds have to do with event ticketing. The answer is very simple - Rock solid reliability. The term "cloud" refers to the most advanced style of hardware and software configuration which provides the absolute fastest and most reliable website possible. Unlike most other websites, Purplepass is [...]

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New box office interface (2011)

You now have a complete box office solution built into your Purplepass account. You can now manage and check in will call orders, find people on your guest list, look up tickets, and also view real-time stats by ticket type and fulfillment method. In addition to this, you can also look up every detail about [...]

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