Purplepass is the Cheese to This Event’s Macaroni – Purplepass Ticketing Announces New Partnership with the San Diego Mac N’ Cheese Fest

The organizers of the San Diego Mac N’ Cheese Festival, in support of the World Wide Network of Learning, have partnered with Purplepass Ticketing to manage and expand ticket sales for the festival. The fall festival will take place in San Diego, CA on October 15, 2016. The San Diego Mac N’ Cheese Fest brings together [...]

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Support staff notes and advanced ticketing options

Memos for telephone staff When creating or editing your event, you can choose an option to leave a note for the Purplepass telephone support staff. This can be for anything you want customers to know upon purchasing tickets over the phone. For example, if you need to let guests know where to park when arriving [...]

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Partner/Affiliate stats filtering

Filter stats for partners to show only the partner’s tracking link When a partner uses a tracking link to generate sales, you can choose to filter your stats to show only the sales generated from the partner’s tracking link to the partner. You also should give the partner access to see the stats that the [...]

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New Partnership between Purplepass and the Newport Boat Show Signals Smooth Sailing for Future Events

Newport, RI, April 12, 2016   The Newport Exhibition Group has partnered with Purplepass Ticketing for the Newport Boat Show in Newport, Rhode Island. The show will take place September 15-18 of this year. The Newport International Boat Show hosts over 600 powerboat and sailboat exhibitors who show and sell boats and marine equipment. Total [...]

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Box office data collection and advanced customization

Data collection in box office One of the newest settings in Purplepass’ box office software is the ability to set it to collect customer data each time you make a sale. You can collect information such as the customer’s name, phone number or email address. You can use this information for marketing purposes or newsletters, [...]

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Partial Refunds and reassigning seats

Partial Refunds Purplepass can now refund individual tickets. You simply need to contact us with the order number and which ticket(s) and a customer service representative can assist you.   Ability to reassign seats Once a seat has been assigned, you can reassign it through “Search Orders.” Just select the assigned seat event you wish [...]

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Checkout Questions and Ticket Stock

Checkout Questions Want to ask your customers how they heard about your event? You can add any custom question to the checkout process in Purplepass. Just go to My Events and click “edit” on the event you want to add questions to. In the “Additional Options” section there is a checkbox for asking questions during [...]

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Assigned Seating Updates

Pictures of seats instead of circles to represent seats You can choose between pictures of seats and circles for the customer to view when choosing a seat in the Assigned Seating Engine. If you choose seat pictures, you can still show color-coded circles for seats in the box office software. This provides a great way [...]

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New iPad POS System and Wireless Scanners

IPAD POS (POINT OF SALE) SYSTEM With the iPad POS solution, organizers and event staff can sell tickets, search for orders and check guests in at the event while being mobile. This software works for all types of credit card and cash payments and can print to wireless receipt printers. The devices work on Verizon [...]

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Season Pass & Packages feature + more

SEASON PASS AND PACKAGES FEATURE Purplepass provides event organizers the ability to offer a season pass or package feature to their customers. If you have multiple events that you specify as a “season,” customers can purchase tickets to all events in the season at a discounted price you define. This increases the likelihood of customers [...]

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