How To Set Up The Gate At Your Event

These Six Tips Could Make Your Event Successful -- And Your Day Stress-Free Smart Planning + Friendly Communication + Advanced Technology + Thinking Like A Customer = A Successful Event. OK, the above equation doesn’t work as simply in real life as it does on paper, but executing a game plan based on this equation can [...]

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How To Engage With Customers

Here’s How Successful Event Organizers Convert First-Time Customers Into Regular Customers Marketers recently ranked “engaging customers” and “building customer loyalty” as tied for their lowest concern, reported a 2015 Forbes magazine article. Those marketers might need to take classes in Math and Logic. Why? First of all, seeking to retain customers is significantly more effective costwise [...]

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US Sand Sculpting Challenge 2017

Master Sand Sculptors from Singapore, Italy, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, Russia and Canada are here to challenge the best sculptors from the U.S. and earn their share of more than $60,000 in prizes and appearance money. These World Masters in the amazingly unique sand arts, compete in a solo, head-to- head competition with a Saturday evening [...]

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Puzzled on Event Promotion: Social Media is the Answer

Around the globe, millions of companies and businesses alike are competitively vying for consumers’ attention. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, promoting a lecture, organizing a fundraiser, or launching a new website, the need to spread the word, circulate the company name, and beat the competition to the punch is paramount. So, how do you [...]

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