“Geeks” Organization Helps Bars All Over USA Boost Attendance With Trivia Contests

  The United States had one-tenth as many pub quizzes as Great Britain a few years ago so John Dicker and Joel Peach co-founded Geeks Who Drink. Ten years later, the Denver-based organization's team of writers led by a six-time “Jeopardy” champion supplies quizzes to more than 600 pubs and restaurants in 35 states. Geeks Who Drink has made bars more fun for [...]

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Beautiful Balloons Are A Sight To Behold At Arizona Festival

Words can only partly describe how awe-inspiring the Cave Creek Balloon Festival in Cave Creek, Ariz., is. People who want a full sense of what the festival is about should look at photos of past festivals and envision how wonderstruck they'll feel if they’re standing next to the balloons. The seventh annual Cave Creek Balloon [...]

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