BeatleMania Concerts Raise Money For Music Education Programs

  The Pittsfield (Mass.) High School band was interested in participating in a music competition in Quebec City, Canada. The bus rental expense alone was $4,600. Raising the money appeared to be a time-consuming task that would reduce the students’ time improving their musical and other academic skills and could fail anyway. Fortunately, there was [...]

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Southern California Concerts Benefit Local Charitable Groups

  Going to an event staged by Golden Crown Productions means listening to great music and helping a charitable organization. Golden Crown Productions is based in the southern Californian town of Temecula. In the past, it has produced concerts featuring big-name musical talent such as Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Blues Traveler, The English Beat, The Gin Blossoms, [...]

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Boomtown Reno Is A Great Place To See Concerts By Famous Bands — And A Top-Notch Casino And Hotel

  Boomtown Reno is such a great place to have fun that you can leave with far more money than you had when you came after spending considerable money on great food, great entertainment, a luxury hotel room, and fun for children. Boomtown Reno calls itself a casino and a hotel although it's far more than that. The casino by [...]

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1.3 Million People in India Can Now See Thanks to the Sankara Eye Foundation

  Curing blindness in 8 million poor people in India sounds like an impossible mission, but the Sankara Eye Foundation has taken large leaps toward its goal since it was established in 1998. As of late 2015, about 1.3 million previously blind Indians could now see. The Sankara Eye Foundation, which is based in the [...]

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Israel’s Independence Is Celebrated At Events Throughout The Nation With The Most Jews — The USA

The Israeli American Council was founded in 2007 for the approximately 500,000 Israelis who live in the United States. It has programs and events for Israeli-Americans in Los Angeles, Boston, southern Florida, Las Vegas, New York City, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C. The local communities can attend cultural and educational programs and events for preschool [...]

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New Performing Arts Center In Arizona Hosts Exciting Events

Mesa Community College (MCC) needed a new performing arts center because the Arizona school’s dance and music programs had to hold events off campus. Now that it’s built, the Performing Arts Center is providing space for its students AND is hosting a variety of events for the community. The Performing Arts Center opened in 2014. [...]

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Country And Tejano Music Stars Headline Events At San Antonio Music Pavilion

  There’s live music every weekend at the R&J Music Pavilion in San Antonio. Really good music. Sometimes, the entertainers are so popular nationwide that they have their own Wikipedia page. Country music stars Wade Bowen, Cody Johnson, and Tracy Lawrence have all been headliners at the R&J Music Pavilion. Here’s a list of some [...]

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Small-Town Orchestra Plays The Music Of Many Big-Time Classical Composers

The only prominent entertainer who ever lived in Bel Air, Md., was the infamous John Wilkes Booth, but many of history’s best classical music composers come to the small town metaphorically via the Susquehanna Symphony Orchestra. Named the Harford Community Orchestra when it was founded in 1978, the Susquehanna Symphony Orchestra was renamed in 1982 [...]

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Fleet Week San Diego Hosts Many “Can’t Miss” Events That Honor Military Veterans

Several San Diego area community leaders decided in 1997 that they wanted to honor the area’s military veterans. It’s clear 19 years later that they found the perfect way to do so -- an annual series of events that showcase the contributions of local Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard personnel and help fund charities that [...]

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