First Year Event US Sand Sculpting Challenge Has Smashing Success with Purplepass

New Client Finds their Solution with Purplepass In the introductory year of the partnership, already US Sand Sculpting Challenge and Purplepass are off to a successful start. Over this past Labor Day at the Broadway Pier in San Diego, CA the US Sand Sculpting Challenge and Dimensional Art Exposition hosted their annual event. The event went [...]

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US Sand Sculpting Challenge 2017

Master Sand Sculptors from Singapore, Italy, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, Russia and Canada are here to challenge the best sculptors from the U.S. and earn their share of more than $60,000 in prizes and appearance money. These World Masters in the amazingly unique sand arts, compete in a solo, head-to- head competition with a Saturday evening [...]

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You Can Have A Wild And Crazy Time At Pennsylvania Bluegrass Festival

“I’m a wild and crazy guy,” comedian Steve Martin frequently said while he played a playboy on Saturday Night Live in the 1970s. Today, Martin is more involved in bluegrass music than comedy. He regularly plays bluegrass music on the banjo, sings bluegrass songs, and plays with bluegrass bands on their tours. In 2010, he won a Grammy for [...]

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This Is NOT Your Ordinary Birthday Party

“Happy Birthday to You.” “Happy Birthday to You.” “Happy Birthday Robert Smith.” “Happy Birthday to You.” The song, though, probably won’t be sung by cheery children and their well-dressed parents. The singers, in fact, might be embarrassed that they’re singing the world’s most recognized song. Dressed perhaps in Gothic clothing, they might be more eager [...]

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Foodies Help The Artsy People In Scottsdale, AZ

Singers just can’t wait for the one of the nation’s best food festivals. Actors can’t wait either. Dancers, artists, history aficionados, music teachers, and many other culturally advanced people are also enthusiastic. Why are so many artsy people eating food cooked by the best chefs in the Scottsdale, Ariz., area? Maybe they are, but maybe they [...]

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Local Legends Perform in Philly

A few years ago, Rockin' For The Cure© started as a small reunion to bring together old friends from a local nightclub.  Here we are 3 sold-out shows later, and still trying to cool down from their last performance, they are already planning the 4th one! Every Rockin' For The Cure begins the night of [...]

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That Pizza You’re Eating Could Be Funding Kids’ Instruments

You will eat mouthwatering barbecue ribs anytime, anywhere. You might feel guilty about it, but you will eat them. Now, thanks to the Taste of Temecula Valley food festival, you won't feel sinful regardless of how many ribs you wolf down -- and you won't feel guilty when you’re explaining your gluttony. “I ate ribs for the [...]

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Audiences Love Participating In Club Cosplay Events

Words can’t convey how exciting Club Cosplay events are. Sometimes, photos and videos can. They convey sheer madness and unbridled happiness. You don’t have to wear costumes at Club Cosplay events, but they're “always recommended,” says the Club Cosplay website. “Cosplay” is a contraction of “costume play.” Cosplayers are performance artists who dress up and act like comic [...]

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Houston Theatre Company Converts Great Movies Into Great Musicals

Movies like “Sunset Boulevard,” “The Great Gatsby,” “Lord of the Flies,” and “Tarzan” have become musicals thanks to Bayou City Theatrics. Audiences in Houston can see these innovative productions live at The Kaleidoscope Performing Arts Center, 705 Main St.   Bayou City Theatrics has been performing since 2012. The scope of its productions is evident when you look [...]

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Miami Parties To Help The Fight Against AIDS

  In 1985, the fight against AIDS looked bleak. Roughly 130,000 Americans were infected with the HIV virus annually in the mid-1980s. An HIV diagnosis was then a “death sentence,” said a Healthline Media report. In recent years, though, about 50,000 Americans contract the HIV virus annually and they live far longer than 1980s HIV patients. “A 20-year-old man with HIV who begins treatment [...]

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