Miami Parties To Help The Fight Against AIDS

  In 1985, the fight against AIDS looked bleak. Roughly 130,000 Americans were infected with the HIV virus annually in the mid-1980s. An HIV diagnosis was then a “death sentence,” said a Healthline Media report. In recent years, though, about 50,000 Americans contract the HIV virus annually and they live far longer than 1980s HIV patients. “A 20-year-old man with HIV who begins treatment [...]

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Golf In Vegas — You Bet You Could Watch History And Help Kids

Tiger Woods’ tee shot was awful. He cursed loudly as the ball flew. Then, he threw his club. It was 1997. Woods, 21, was regarded as a very well-behaved man. His image changed, but for years fans in the Akron, Ohio, gallery had a “believe it or not” story to tell. They still have an “up close and personal” story. You [...]

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