Fleet Week San Diego Hosts Many “Can’t Miss” Events That Honor Military Veterans

Several San Diego area community leaders decided in 1997 that they wanted to honor the area’s military veterans. It’s clear 19 years later that they found the perfect way to do so -- an annual series of events that showcase the contributions of local Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard personnel and help fund charities that [...]

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Assigned Seating Updates

Pictures of seats instead of circles to represent seats You can choose between pictures of seats and circles for the customer to view when choosing a seat in the Assigned Seating Engine. If you choose seat pictures, you can still show color-coded circles for seats in the box office software. This provides a great way [...]

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New iPad POS System and Wireless Scanners

IPAD POS (POINT OF SALE) SYSTEM With the iPad POS solution, organizers and event staff can sell tickets, search for orders and check guests in at the event while being mobile. This software works for all types of credit card and cash payments and can print to wireless receipt printers. The devices work on Verizon [...]

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“Geeks” Organization Helps Bars All Over USA Boost Attendance With Trivia Contests

  The United States had one-tenth as many pub quizzes as Great Britain a few years ago so John Dicker and Joel Peach co-founded Geeks Who Drink. Ten years later, the Denver-based organization's team of writers led by a six-time “Jeopardy” champion supplies quizzes to more than 600 pubs and restaurants in 35 states. Geeks Who Drink has made bars more fun for [...]

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How to help fund your event

Event organizers often have this major roadblock in the beginning stages of event planning – where to get the money to fund the event. There are many solutions to this problem and here we address those we find most beneficial to promoters in the business. Investors: A person or company may invest in your event. [...]

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Beautiful Balloons Are A Sight To Behold At Arizona Festival

Words can only partly describe how awe-inspiring the Cave Creek Balloon Festival in Cave Creek, Ariz., is. People who want a full sense of what the festival is about should look at photos of past festivals and envision how wonderstruck they'll feel if they’re standing next to the balloons. The seventh annual Cave Creek Balloon [...]

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