Promoter direct sales

Promoter direct sales At one time or another, you have likely seen the alert saying you cannot purchase tickets as a promoter. We have had countless requests to remove this restriction. Well now not only can you buy tickets through your promoter account, we have taken that one step further. As a promoter, you can [...]

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Coupon code updates

Coupon code updates  There is nothing new about creating coupon codes. For many of you, coupon codes are a normal part of your day to day life as an event organizer. However, some recent updates we have released have made that task just a bit easier for you. In addition to all of the current [...]

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Assigned seating suite of features released

  If you have not already noticed, assigned seating has come to Purplepass. You now have the power to create graphically-driven seating maps that are interactive, easy to use, and look great! Without overwhelming you with the details, there isn't much you cannot do. From colored coded multi-tiered pricing to photo previews from each seat, [...]

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